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Welcome to Apajama Party! From hot topics, to sports, to movie and TV reviews and our special brand of commentaries, we talk about it.

If you like adult conversation that keeps it all the way real, grown and sexy all the time, TUNE IN!

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Find out what the Pajama Party Crew was sipping this week, and some previous picks with the Cocktail of the Week. Get the recipe and instructions on how to make your own.


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Cocktail of the Week

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Jamaican Rum Punch


Sparkling Grapefruit Gin Mule


Gin Gin Mule


Cucumber Collins


Snap, Crackle, Drop


The Huncho Flow Cocktail


The Siesta


Pear Martini


Ghost Margarita


Angry Snap


Belvedere Ginger Zest Mule


Bulleit Bourbon Swizzle


Almond Crusta


Danny Ocean Cocktail


Classic Whiskey Smash


Basil Hayden Golden Hour


Apricot Sunray


Coastal Citrus and Basil Cocktail


Gentlemen's Brew


Purple Rain


Strait Jacket Cocktail


Kinky Red Rita


Gingered Pear and Brandy Cocktail


The Crew

Meet the Apajama Party Crew

Redwine, Co-host

She's opinionated and outspoken. You can tell by her name, she's a lover of red wines. Her hobbies are visiting wineries all around the world, making cheeses, zip lining, traveling, and going to movie premieres. Redwine enjoys finding the laughter in life and exploring the eternal question, "I wonder what would happen if..." She enjoys having fun, being creative and reading in her quiet time. She is working on writing a novel to add to her collection of published works. Her favorite place to visit is Sonoma Valley. California wines are the best, but she enjoys South African varieties, and South American delights!

Ketel, Co-host

She's laid back but always ready for anything. Her name says a lot about her personality. She's bright and a little tart with a clean edge. Her hobbies are watching movies, gourmet cooking, and visiting her beach villa in the Caribbean where she paints in her gallery. She enjoys being around people and enjoys bungee jumping, jet skiing and scuba diving. Ketel is a networker and party planner. Her favorite place to visit is Aruba where she likes to have intimate beach side barbeques with family and friends.

Poppa DD, Co-host

The D.D. stands for "debonair" and "daring." Poppa D.D. is our host with the most. He's got an opinion on everything and doesn't mind sharing it. We don't know where he's from because he's a world traveler and man-about-town so he's from everyplace he's ever been...according to him. He is a connoisseur of fine liquors, particularly if they're brown. His hobbies include inventing products, extreme sports, traveling to international beer festivals and studying human nature. His favorite city is New Orleans...for cultural reasons, of course.

The Interns

What can we say about our interns? They work hard (usually), and add their unsolicited comments when we're on commercial breaks. But they're part of the crew and we could not do the show without them. Although the pillow fights get rowdy at times, they do our story research, and run errands, so we'll keep them.

Lena Chanel


Lena is the songwriter and voice of Apajama Party theme song. And what a voice! Thank you, Lena.

Lanett Tachel

Actress - Writer - Producer

Lanett is one of our biggest supporters. She works hard at her craft, and you can spot her on television commercials, in films, or writing in an L.A. coffee shop. We appreciate you, Lanett!

DC Homegrown Entertainment

Our Parent Company

Special thanks to our parent company, DC Homegrown Entertainment, which keeps us going week after week. You're the best!

Mr. Lo

Bartender / Fill-in Co-host

Mr. Lo is our resident bartender. He keeps us up to date with the latest cocktail delights, keeps the ice fresh, and our glasses full. He also fills in when we need him to co-host the show, so shout out to Mr. Lo for all he does!


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